Candidate workbook

This workbook walks candidates through building a campaign plan from the very first step through to election day. It's a fill in the blank style so even absolute beginners can easily understand each step.

Biweekly online training

Every two weeks, we host campaign training led by an expert in that area. The presentation is 15 minutes long, followed by a 10 minute Q and A session. The video conferences are recorded and can be watched or rewatched later.

One on One calls

Candidates and campaign staff get one on one calls for campaign advice. Calls with an expert in specific campaign areas can also be arranged.

Weekly Office Hours

Once a week, there is an open question time for candidates. This is hosted on a Zoom call. Candidates and campaign staff can ask questions and share tips.

In person training at State Conventions

Half day or full day training for candidates or campaign staff is offered at many state conventions. This training is tailored to the specific needs of the state affiliate.


The LNC provides a discounted rate to access eCanvasser. This tool comes with the data campaigns need and the ability to manage it so campaigns can use its precious resources in the most effective way.

You can give to the general candidate support fund or direct your support towards the 2 projects below.

Libertarian Frontier Project

This project targets resources, assistance, and talent on winning state legislative seats and local offices.

Regional Trainings

The program is an intensive, in-person, introductory course held on weekends to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign.