CRM Project

Empowering Libertarians Nationwide

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In other words, a database for our constituents. It provides these over-arching functionalities:

Volunteer Management
Email & SMS
Voter Preferences

Better data, stronger party

Time saver for volunteers

Volunteers are able to focus on outreach and leave behind the worries of back office operations and overly technical administration. The system just works.

Grow membership

States have the most current and robust data and it's put in the hands of the right volunteers locally to effectively engage new members.

Build county affiliates

Our path to overall success begins at home. We must equip the local affiliates with the tools they need to support their candidates. We have to grow the party at the ground level!

Preserve Institutional Knowledge

As leadership changes, the institutional knowledge of a party needs to be preserved.

Effective GOTV Outreach

During those critical last days, GOTV efforts can determine who wins on election day.

Relevant Messaging

Certain members typically have more interest some topics than others. We should know that so that they are getting the information they want, and not the rest.

Revolutionizing Data Management

Annual Contributions
Current State Members