We know as Libertarians there are things that really matter to you. Your money is important and you want your political contributions to have maximum impact on your personal goals and values. With that, we want to let you know all the different ways you can support the LP.

It’s our hope that you will find your impact points and give at your greatest level so we can make the largest leaps for Libertarian principles. Individually your contribution is valuable to us. Collectively, your impacts can be a catapult to a new kind of governance, one that gives each of us more autonomy over ourselves and our families’ financial and physical welfare.

Join the Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is made up of many thousands of Americans of all backgrounds. We receive no government funding or corporate funding. We are funded entirely by Americans who want to help give liberty a voice.


The Libertarian Party is doing work year round to set the stage for future elections and successes. Your financial support helps make this happen. If you’d like to make a donation to our general fund you can do so here.

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Members are members for life! Joining the Libertarian Party as a Lifetime Member is a strong statement of your support of our party and our values. Libertarian Party Lifetime Membership dues are $1,500 within a twelve-month period.

Libertarian Frontier Project

With Marshall Burt’s victory in 2020, he became the first member of a state house elected as a Libertarian since 1994. His win was no accident, but the result of a new focus by the LNC, spearheaded by candidate support specialist Apollo Pazell, to target resources, assistance, and talent on winning state legislative seats and local offices. Will you help us keep the Frontier Project funded so that we will have many, many more victories to celebrate?

Ballot Access

We are preparing for 2022 now, and we must not lose the gains we have made. Our aim is nothing short of ballot access in all 50 states and DC — and we need your help. Work has already begun in states where ballot access has to be regained. Over the next year and a half we will have legal, legislative, and logistical battles to fight to continue to offer every American an option outside of the Republicans and Democrats.

Regional Campaign Training Initiative

The program is an intensive, introductory course held largely online on weekends to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign. Among the several areas to be covered in this valuable training are campaign management and leadership, campaign planning and strategy, and fundraising. Students will come away from it understanding how successful candidates plan and execute their campaigns.

CRM Project

The primary goal is to leverage economies of scale to reduce the burden on our state and county affiliates. Instead of fighting technical issues or having scattered data sets, our activists can be focused on outreach to the public. In simple terms, it’s an integrated, party-wide database where party stores critical information: contact information on members, current and potential supporters, donors, and campaigns.

Legal Action Fund

Year-round, the national Libertarian Party is pursuing court cases in various states and nationwide in pursuit of fair treatment for our national party, state parties, and candidates. When laws are unfair, we try to strike them down and, if that’s not possible, we’ll work to at least make them fairer.

Affiliate Support Fund

Helping our state and county parties grow and expand is critical for the recruitment and success of our future candidates. We are continually working towards strengthening ties between state and national party. If you’d like to support the national party’s work to grow and empower state and local parties, please consider donating to the Affiliate Support Fund.

Building Fund

Several years ago, the Libertarian Party began work to purchase a headquarters. Rent in the DC area is extremely high and purchasing a headquarters was sure to save valuable resources and to build equity. In 2014, the Libertarian Party purchased a modest but nice 3-story building in Alexandria, VA, on the outskirts of Washington, DC. The Party named the building in honor of our founder, David F. Nolan.

Preservation Fund

LPedia is a collaborative, running history of the Libertarian Party. Managed by the LP’s Historical Preservation Committee and running on the popular MediaWiki engine, LPedia is open to everyone interested in the Libertarian Party. Contributions on this donation page will help preserve and publish Libertarian Party historical documents. It’s our history. Let’s preserve it!

Support LPTV!

We are so excited by this new venture and we hope will join us. More content will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months, but for now you can tune in for Town Hall Thursdays at 7PM EST

Join Your State Affiliate

Did you know that the Libertarian Party has active affiliates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia? Support their important grassroots efforts by also becoming a member of your state affiliate.

Donate by Bitcoin

Some Libertarians enjoy using Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency. The Libertarian Party accepts Bitcoin donations through the services of BitPay. Although BitPay cannot currently handle automatic recurring monthly donations, you may donate through this system as often as you wish.

Auxiliary Memberships for kids and pets

Looking for a fun way to honor your kids’ and pets’ dedication to liberty? Get them their very own Auxiliary Membership! For $15, they will receive a special-edition personalized membership card in four to six weeks. Of course, this promotion

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