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What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In other words, a database for our constituents. It provides these over-arching functionalities:

Email & SMS
Voter Preferences

Better data, stronger party

Time saver for volunteers

Volunteers are able to focus on outreach and leave behind the worries of back office operations and overly technical administration. The system just works.

Grow membership

States have the most current and robust data and it's put in the hands of the right volunteers locally to effectively engage new members.

Build county affiliates

Our path to overall success begins at home. We must equip the local affiliates with the tools they need to support their candidates. We have to grow the party at the ground level!

Preserve Institutional Knowledge

As leadership changes, the institutional knowledge of a party needs to be preserved.

Effective GOTV Outreach

During those critical last days, GOTV efforts can determine who wins on election day.

Relevant Messaging

Certain members typically have more interest some topics than others. We should know that so that they are getting the information they want, and not the rest.

Revolutionizing Data Management

Annual Contributions
Current State Members
State Convention Attendees

Statistics are from the 2019 calendar year

State affiliates can take advantage of our shared multi-site platform that provides easy to use tools to manage your site and data using WordPress and CiviCRM applications. You are able to get a complete 360 view of your contacts because of its’ breadth; no more scattered spreadsheets, it’s all in one place.

The CRM is used for voter preferences, contribution / membership processing and management, event management, recording an assortment of activities, relationships and much more. Signup to increase the efficiency and productivity of your affiliate by properly managing data.

The primary goal of the State CRM Project is to leverage economies of scale to reduce the burden on State Affiliates. Instead of being locked in basements, fighting technical issues, our activists can be focused on outreach to the public. In simple terms, it’s a database where our state parties store critical information: contact information on members, current and potential supporters, donors, and candidates.

The project officially began In August 2017, when the LNC funded a proof-of-concept phase for the initial design and implementation of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. In simpler language: a database.

Fast forward, and we now have 23 state parties already using the new database! Our affiliates are effectively managing memberships, donations, event registrations and registered Libertarian voter data. We are super-charging State Affiliates by quickly reducing the back-office overhead.

We’ve had overwhelming interest from states to join the program. In fact, including the states waiting to join we are projecting a utilization of 37 states. We expect that number to continue to climb as it has since we started the project. We’re truly excited about the rapid progress being made, voluntarily, by our state parties that want to grow!

But we need to replenish the fund to keep onboarding states. Each state costs about $2,000 in labor to get fully onboarded to the program – preparing their existing data set(s), web and CRM configuration, importing data, and training.

There is also an annual recurring cost for maintenance and upkeep of the CRM project. Each year, the CRM project costs approximately $11,000 to operate. When comparing this cost against other solutions, where individual states each pay more than $2,000 annually, and the savings are clear – but they’re not free. Funding this project keeps states focused on outreach at the local level.

Would you be willing to help fund the core costs of operating the CRM?

We’ve also just expanded the product and making it easier for any volunteer with a few hours to spare to reach out to supporters, donors, and prospects with a development project known as the Simplified CiviCRM County User Dashboard. It takes the CRM to the next level, allowing for secure and effective outreach. Now we can get volunteers on the phone, reaching people, with training that takes less than 15 minutes, not hours or days. For an organization like ours – a volunteer-driven party – this is absolutely critical.

All of this important work – on-boarding, development, and maintenance – is being done in preparation for the 2020 election cycle, which will be the first presidential election after our record-breaking growth in 2016. To keep this momentum going, and to take us to the next level, we must employ modern IT tools to empower our affiliates, activists, and candidates.

Won’t you join us in contributing to sustain and grow this critical tool for affiliates?

Andy Burns

Affiliate Development Specialist

What States are On it?

States on system
Scheduled or In progress
States in queue

As we have had overwhelming interest to join the program since mid-2018, we moved to using total donations from states (from individuals or affiliates) are a primary determinant for state prioritization. States that were early adopters were added without this consideration. Here is a the contribution totals from states. Sponsor your state’s onboarding costs now!

StateTotal ContributionsOn CRM
New York$2,370.75
New Mexico$1,675.00
North Carolina$397.00
New Hampshire$300.75
South Carolina$134.00
West Virginia$50.00
North Dakota$25.00
South Dakota$20.00

What people are saying


Most frequent questions and answers

As of March 2020, we have 23 states utilizing the system. We started the project with a ‘proof-of-concept’ phase which included 5 states in August 2017. We are projecting ~35-40 states by Election 2020.

They can, but it really isn’t efficient to do that. In fact, that’s what has been done up until this point. States just don’t have the consistent IT human resources to manage such systems. The LNC actually tried to implement on a state-by-state basis. It’s sub-optimal. We achieve economies of scale, stability and have more party cooperation by running this on a national level.

If you are a Libertarian volunteer, you should have access. Your state must be on it already. There is no per user / record cost. Users are added at the appropriate level whether that be for your state region or county affiliate. Please contact your state IT Director to get started.

We do not as we’ve found county sites to be too redundant when compared to and a state site and they tend to fall into disrepair. Rather, it is more sustainable to integrate into your state site.

We can host your county or regional affiliate donation page and have the data feed right into your state party site. You can also add events to the state party calendar and categorize by county. Each state site has a interactive county map that links to a county profile detail record.

Looking ahead, there are developments that we will be testing out soon that will offer a page for each county affiliate.


The operating costs for software upgrades, hosting and outsourced support averages ~$11,000. Including having a Database Manager and Strategic Affiliate Development staff to leverage the CRM in assisting states we’d estimate ~$40,000 in total.

In addition, the hosting cost covers our complimentary email service, ticketing and Project Management systems for states.

We use WordPress and CiviCRM.

There’s been added focus in assisting affiliates within the last few years. Also, from a technological perspective, it is more achievable than ever as software continues to advance. There is no better time to make a giant leap forward with a modern IT system!

Yes. An example can be found at

Like our other IT Services, this is complimentary for affiliates. National takes care of the hosting and software costs.

Affiliates are responsible for add-on costs regarding their payment processor, mass email, and SMS services. The system allows for each state site to connect and establish their own accounts with the add-ons mentioned above.

We do encourage states to fund improvements and invest in this shared tool.

This totals $53,237 which nearly all is towards the Simplified CiviCRM County User Dashboard targeted for calling, county-level access, improved permissioning, deeper integration with WordPress and improving multisite capabilities.

We’d love the help. We can let you know what issues in the queue are ones that would benefit the LP the most.

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