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Securing ballot access for the presidential election brings a huge amount of attention to libertarian ideas and gives us political influence in the highest election. However, the spotlight we receive is not taken advantage of to support our cause in between election cycles. We need your support to create a nationwide infrastructure capable of supporting candidates in smaller elections and local races like sheriff, mayor, school board and city council. Many of these races are open for the taking with very low vote counts, and require a marginal amount of organization. We want to guarantee Libertarian candidates have access to customizable websites, voter records, effective campaign tools, and the education needed to maximize the success of their campaigns. Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is getting past the bureaucratics pitfalls designed to complicate the process of running in the first place. By providing a baseline of scalable support, we can get thousands of libertarians elected across the country and start building trust with voters from the ground up, based on our track record of governance.

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