Empower Affiliates Through Better Data Management

The National Libertarian Party has been working hard to provide more support to our state affiliates.

Managing data has been a key concern to affiliates, so we are now working on a nationwide CRM offering. We are doing this project in phases, prioritizing key functionalities and extending the system in scope and scale as our budget allows. We estimate the total project cost at $67,000 to deliver all of the essential functionality.

We currently are in the pilot phase with Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan, Montana and New York.

The funds raised on this page will determine how much we can do.

In total, please help us empower affiliates so they can create and sustain the relationships we need to be competitive on election day.

Your contribution will help:

  • Empower affiliates with the proper tools for communication and outreach
  • Increase ability for affiliates effectively fundraise
  • Spur larger turnout at local events
  • Engage and convert registered Libertarians into members
  • Maximize candidate recruitment efforts
  • Enable synergy between all levels of the party to grow the movement and elect candidates
  • Raise vote totals through GOTV

For the full project details, see here.