State CRM Project

More engagement, greater results: growing state affiliates through effective data management

Your contribution will help us:

  • Empower affiliates with the proper tools for communication and outreach
  • Spur larger turnout at local events
  • Engage and convert registered Libertarians into members
  • Maximize candidate recruitment efforts
  • Enable synergy between all levels of the party to grow the movement and elect candidates
  • Raise vote totals through GOTV

The National Libertarian Party has been working hard to provide more support to our state affiliates.

Managing data has been a key concern to affiliates, so we are now working on a nationwide CRM offering. We are doing this project in phases, prioritizing key functionalities and extending the system in scope and scale as our budget allows.

We are doing a pilot phase with Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan and New York. Our target is to have a functional proof-of-concept ready for testing by these 5 affiliates no later than November 15th.

The LNC has provided a $5,000 allocation to get the project going. The funds raised on this page will determine how much we can do. Let us know you think this is a critical project for the national party by donating today.

In total, please help us empower affiliates so they can create and sustain the relationships we need to win elections on a regular basis.

Thank you,

Andy Burns
Affiliate Development Specialist

PS: Please share this with members within your affiliate and encourage them to support this critical project!